Juju Revisited

A note about my reviews: If I like I place I’ll review it. If I don’t, I remain silent. Juju deserves another shout out.

I went again last night and again it didn’t disappoint. They change their menu often and the old familiar dishes I’d gone for had been replaced. The new additions are great. I had the Pear Marinated Grilled Short Rib. If you like bulgogi (Korean BBQ) you’ll love this dish. Imagine traditional Korean flavors of soy, garlic and sesame with a burst of tart-sweet flavor courtesy of the grilled pear. The bean sprouts, dressed with orange, basil, mint and ginger oil, created a perfect contrasting texture to the tender meat and added an additional flavor punch. This dish was outstanding. Get to JuJu soon before they take this gem off the menu.


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