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Roast pork is serious business for me. I have been out of the North for ages but I turn into a Jersey girl again when the subject of Italian delis and roast pork come up. During my childhood we spent a lot of time crossing the bridge to Philly so my roast pork standards are high. Italian deli shaved roasted pork is the stuff of my sandwich dreams. I judge all roast pork sandwiches by DiNic’s in Reading Terminal Market in Philadelphia. Their roast pork is the BEST hands down. The standard sandwich comes with au jus, sharp provolone, and broccoli rabe. I add long hots which are fiery flavorful peppers. I LOVE those sandwiches!

I headed out for a beer at Ramblers last night and saw Zeke’s Meats food truck. I admit I was skeptical as I looked at the menu. Roast pork, roast beef, eggplant . . . seems like Italian style sandwiches but can these folks really turn out something comparable to a true Italian sandwich?  Wait, does the menu say long hots? Hmm, maybe they know what they’re talking about. Broccoli rabe!!! That’s the way DiNic’s does it, these folks might be for real. I raised an eyebrow and asked where they were from. Cat answered Philly. Sold. Let’s do this. I got my food and took it into Ramblers, ordered my beer and hoped for the best. My sandwich was awesome. sandwichRazor thin tender pork, flavorful hot peppers, crisp tender broccoli rabe and sharp provolone all tucked into a sandwich worthy hoagie roll. Legit. The homemade chips – perfectly thin and crisp with just the right amount of salt.

Zeke came in Ramblers and gave me a nod. I told him the sandwich and chips were fantastic. He smiled and said, “I was trying to watch you eat it to see if you liked it but Cat told me to stop staring. She said you didn’t smile at her until she said she was from Philly.” Yeah, roast pork is serious business.

Zeke’s Meats is operated by Zeke and Cat who decided a few months ago to move to Durham and call it home. Check them out at this weekend’s Food Truck Rodeo. You won’t be disappointed. The sandwich was not only great but at $8.50 was also quite the deal.

What: Zeke’s Meats Food Truck plus more than 50 others at the Durham Winter Food Truck Rodeo, full list of food trucks here

Where: Durham Central Park, 501 Foster Street

When: Sunday, 1/31/16, 12PM-4PM, beer from Fullsteam, Ponysaurus and Triangle Brewery plus Plan B playing covers of NC bands like Megafaun, Avett Brothers, Mandolin Orange, Hiss Golden Messenger and more




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