GO: Bulldega Urban Market

When I heard a grocery store was opening downtown I was skeptical. I assumed “groceries” like pate and tubs of duck fat, a Dean and Deluca type deal that while great and a place that brings joy to my soul wouldn’t fit the bill of day to day living. Leave it to Durhamites to get creative. A bodega, per Merriam Webster, is a small urban grocery store typically specializing in Hispanic food items. Enter Durham’s Bulldega.  While it doesn’t specialize in Hispanic foods what you’ll find there are Firsthand Foods fresh meat, gorgeous fruits and vegetables, a well stocked dairy case, wine, wine and more wine and pretty much everything one needs from a grocery store. On top of that the owners are absolutely wonderful folks.

The Bulldega Urban Market is located at City Hall Plaza in downtown Durham right around the corner from Pompieri. Give them a try. They are a welcome and much needed addition to downtown.



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