H Mart, the H is for Hallelujah

In 1982 Knight Rider was on TV, Michael Jackson’s Thriller hit the shelves and supermarket chain H Mart got its start in Queens. They have now extended their reach to Cary. Have you been yet? OH.MY.GOD. H Mart refers to itself as an Asianinspired grocery store and that’s true. To consider it only an Asian market is to sell it short.


This store has it all – every vegetable, sauce and garnish needed to make traditional Asian cuisine or any other dish you can dream up.

Banchan to go.

Need pots and pans – yup, they’ve got them. Delectable bakery items, check. This store really does allow for one stop shopping. I was in love with the store from the moment I locked eyes with the gorgeous vegetables. Okay, I’m getting overly poetic but you get my drift.

Lawd look at all those different kinds of kim chi.

But, that’s not all. THERE’S A FOOD COURT. Even if you have no need for groceries roll in for delicious food. There are multiple food stalls selling different dishes such as traditional Korean dishes, bento boxes, curries, noodle soups, Korean fried chicken and sweets. Order from the main counter, get your number and when it flashes on the billboard above the appropriate food stall head over and get your food.

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On my visit I had the LA galbi, Korean short ribs.

These ribs were great though they could have marinated a tad longer just for flavor not tenderness. The meat was obviously high quality – tender, rich and buttery as good beef should be. For $17.99 I got enough ribs for 2 and 2 banchan. There are cheaper spots in town but $17.99 is more than fair for the quality of meal I got here. The ribs were also heavy with meat which has everything to do with how they were cut. I’ve had plenty of galbi at cheaper spots that through the magic of creative butchering serve ribs with little meat on the bones. H Mart doesn’t cut corners. The dining space is nice with dark wood and ample seating so it was a comfortable spot to have dinner. I look forward to eating my way through the food court and shopping at H Mart. It’s a beautiful bright store that is well stocked and well priced and even better it’s closer to Morrisville so it is an easy drive from Durham.

According to their website, the H stands for “Han Ah Reum,” which means “One Arm Full of Groceries.” I marvel at your restraint if you leave with just one.

HMart, 1961 High House Rd., Cary, NC 27519, 9-9 Daily

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