Enter to Win: Tom & Jenny’s Caramels


Tom & Jenny’s Candy have introduced some new flavors to their fantastic line of candies. I recently had the chance to try them and I can say they’re good. 

So what’s so special about these caramels? Well, Jenny is a dentist with a serious sweet tooth. I know, right? She knows firsthand the effects of sugar on teeth and knew the answer wasn’t to tell people to give up candy or carry a toothbrush with them at all times so back in 2016 she and her husband set out to save teeth by making a better candy. As Tom explained, “the caramels are sweetened with xylitol, a plant based sweetener that actually reduces cavity-causing bacteria.” They worked with a James Beard awarded pastry chef to perfect the recipe and voila, Tom & Jenny’s Candy was born. You remember how those caramels of childhood would wire your jaws shut? These don’t so there’s less of the bad stuff sitting on my teeth after having one of these or 5 (that’s only 100 calories). If I’m going to have a little something sweet these are a much better option for my teeth and my waistline.

Q& A with Tom:

1) When you started you began with just a traditional caramel flavor. How did you decide on the new flavors? We surveyed 3,000 of our top customers and they overwhelmingly favored Spiced Rum, Coffee and Ginger as their top three flavors.

2) Do you and Jenny have a favorite from these new flavors? I’ve always been partial to the Classic – it’s the one I can never get enough of. Jenny’s favorite is Spiced Rum.

3 Where can folks find Tom & Jenny’s Caramels? We are in about 22 stores around NC as well as available by mail through our website,

4) Are you able to do specialty orders for instance for client gifts, weddings, etc? We are and have done several of these!

5) What’s next on the product line? We are working on a line of chocolate-coated caramels. We also plan to launch a more snack-oriented line with items like snacking chocolates & snack mixes.

Photos courtesy of Tom & Jenny

Enter to win these three new delicious flavors of caramel from Tom & Jenny’s Candy.  US entries only and entrants must be 18 years old or older.

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  1. These look amazing. They have them at Beer Durham, but I haven’t had a chance to try them yet. I’d take them to work with me for a post teaching snack.

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